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What conditions to meet to be registered as Day Partner ?
- First the candidate must fill carefully the Registration Form;
- Second, the candidate must transmit useful and relevant itemized informations about its plans or actual businesses: corporate structure, global sales figures, comprehensive datas about the sold products and brands, experience in the preserving, display, sale and promotion of similar products (luxury goods and even luxury food), intents of order;
- Third, Debauve and Gallais study carefully the transmitted datas, collect third parties informations if available and appreciate the possible threat on the commercial interest of existing Partners.

In fact, today, the chances to be registered are high because with its actual Full Partners (26 in 2004) Debauve and Gallais is far from covering all the prospect areas appointed in its bicentenary Business Plan.

What are the advantages to get an Account ?
- First you need to get an Account to buy and resell Debauve et Gallais chocolate.
- Second it is important to recall that the Accounts are personal and saveguarded by a Login and a Password;
- Third the disposal of an account has several advantages: preservation of all the informations usefull to the orders (addresses, shipping,...), orders historic record (dates, products ordered, prices...), real time tracking of the current orders...

Why the access to Products of a Day Partner is restricted to some ranges of products only ?
- On one hand, the luxury chocolate candies are comparable to perishable luxury goods: that is to say they are as uniquely tasty as frail. But, if they are preserve from any sudden variations in temperature and stock or display in a dry place whose ideal temperature must be around 17/18° Celsius, they remain very good during from three (chocolate candies) to more than six months (Chocolate Bars or Sugared Delicacies for instance) after delivery. The best shop temperature is 21/22 ° Celsius.
- On the other hand, the way the Partners display the chocolates is very important and we are really concerned by the "image" given to the customers. So a new Partner has to prove its ability to respect and preserve our Products.
- Consequently, the access of the Day Partners is restricted to the pre-packed products among them chocolates Cases, Chocolate Bars and Solid Squares).

What are the steps to become a Full Partner ?
Every Visitor and, of course, Day Partner may wish to become Full Partner and to resell a large array of Products. Instead of steps, even if it is better to begin as a Day Partner to test the Products and the prospects, the important condition to be accepted as a Full Partner is to organize a commercial mission, in Paris, to make acquaintance with Debauve and Gallais management, to see the Products, explain the main lines of your present business and the guide lines of your projects and to reach a mutually profitable agreement. After the mission, Debauve and Gallais will propose to you a formal Bilateral Agreement specifying the Terms and Conditions and, as soon as possible, set up a mission to visit your premises.

What represent the discounts (Partner Discount and Bilateral Discount) compared with the prices displayed on the website ?
The prices listed on the website are VAT and door to door shipping excluded. Each Day Partner benefit from a 5% Partner Discount flat (that is to say whatever the amount of its order is) and if its total order (before discounts, of course) exceed 5000 Euros the Partner benefit from a 10% Partner Discount (for instance 600 Euros for a 6000 Euros order). Each Full Partner benefit from a 10% Partner Discount flat (that is to say whatever the amount of its order is) and more to be negociated with Debauve and Gallais according to the quantities ordered.

What are the approximate costs of the freightcarrying?
A really efficient Door to Door express airfreight - we advice Fedex all around the world with a delivery period of one/two days (if there is no difficulty with the local Customs) - accustomed with our Shipping packages costs, according to the countries and the dates, between 3 and 5 Euros the kilogram (largest the quantities, cheapest the price).

What is the detailled meaning of the INCOTERMS Ex-Works ?
The INCOTERMS rule the relations (payment, risk transfer...) between the two parties of a business transaction. According to the Ex-works Terms, the more usual in international trade, the seller put the commodities at the disposition of the carrier designated by the buyer. The risks are transfered to the buyer as soon as the seller entrusts the commodities the carrier. It is why, to make life easier to the Partners, we advice a Door to Door air freigth carrier.

Who is in charge with the Customs risk ?
The Imports/exports regulations differ widely from one country to one another and the formalities frequently vary in time. So, at the wise light of experience, the more efficient system to prevent any delay due to the local Customs (holding, refusal for entry, destruction of the Products) is to involve the Partners in the research of relevant informations about formalities: they are in charge to transmit to Debauve and Gallais an itemized statement and will be liable in case of any problem.

What about the possibility of territorial exclusivities ?
Before granting a Day and, all the more so because, a Full Partner status, Debauve and Gallais take a great care of the interest of its current Full Partners. As a matter of principle, Debauve and Gallais never give formal territorial exclusivities, except for small trade areas, but it prevents two Full Partners from becoming competitors. It is why our current 326 Full Partners (2004 figure) are distributed in 23 different countries.

Is it possible to manufacture the chocolates on the spot ?
As a matter of principle, the answer is definitely no because a french chocolate manufactured in an other country with other raw materials, manufacturing processes and food culture will never be more a french chocolate, that is to say will never have a full and, with the passing of time less and less, original taste. The uniqueness of the Debauve and Gallais chocolate is the more valuable commercial asset we ensured the Partners.

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