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Products and Services

The Products are sold pre-packed or loose
 The pre-packed Products, the Cases, are carefully stowed in a special Shipping package in different quantities according to their size (for instance the Assortiments Size 1, that is to say Cases of 400 grams each of Dark chocolate candies, are packed by 25). The Boxes (each one whose weight differs from 1500 grams to 4000 grams of Products) of Products sold loose are deviced as unitary Shipping package.

Cases, Bags and ribbons
 They are delivered only with the pre-packed (Cases) Products. Starting from a certain amount of purchases, free or subject to payment licences are available for local packaging manufacturing.

Personnal Account
 The access to these two different kinds of Products depend on the status of the Partner and, as to the Full Partner, also on the terms of the Bilateral Agreement negociated with Debauve and Gallais. As soon as registered (Registration Form), each Partner get a personnal Account, open in our data bases whose access is made safe by a login and a password. Thanks to this account the Partners get at its own disposal a clever tool to ease its relations with Debauve et Gallais, to stock relevant informations, to track its orders and so on...

 The Debauve and Gallais management put its experience and knowledge at the disposal of the Partners (pricing policy, display of the Products, promotion...). He will never hesitate to formulate sound advises at their attention.

 A Library of photographs, books for sale and various written documents is put at the Partners' disposal. It is intended for sales promotion, displays, corners and so on.

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