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Chocolat Noir à la coupe
Fresh cut dark chocolate exclusively dedicated to chocolate and dried fruits freaks (40% of the total weight !
This fantasy of dried fruits (almonds, pistachios, hazelnuts, orange peels and currants) mixed with a 60% dark chocolate and moulded as a super 1500 grams bars, must be crushed into pieces before being sold by weight ! 
As to the 60% cocoa milk chocolate (60%):cocoas, cane sugar,vanilla pod.

As to the dried fruits (40 %):hazelnut, almond, currant, candied orange peels, pistachio.

Validity period:
Non Perishable.

Name Pieces Weight WgtAll UnitParts Price Qty
Chocolat Noir à la coupe n/a 3 000 3 300 x2 ***  

The meaning of the different acronyms used in the Products pages is the following:
-- Ingredients: the Products are made on a small-scale, so the percentage are rounded off and not given when they are less than 1%.
-- Pieces: Unit number of Chocolate candies included in one Case (if meaningful).
-- Weight: Weight of Products included in one Case (denominated in grams).
-- WghtAll: Total weight (Products and packaging) of one Case (denominated in grams).
-- Parts: Unit number of Cases (from 1 to 30) included in a Shipping package.
-- Price: Unit price in Euros of a Shipping package, V.A.T and transport excluded, without Discounts.
-- Quantity: Unit number of Shipping package(s) you intent to order in each kind of Products.
-- Perishable means that the Products are eatable in the three months of the delivery.
-- Non Perishable means that the Products are eatable in the six months of the delivery.

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